Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned Vacuum & Sewing Machines

Vacuums are work horse devices and are offered in such huge varieties that can tempt even the most stubborn clients. Sewing Machines also follow along the same lines, but with quality come a price.

Expensive appliances can often prove to be a risk, which most people are unwilling to take, so for them Ventura Vacuum and Sewing Machines offers Certified Pre-owned Sewing Machines and Vacuums, that come bearing the industry quality mark but within a much more affordable price range.

Vacuum and Sewing Machine Service Inspector

Since we are considered as the premium provider of Vacuum and Sewing machines, our Certified Pre-owned  appliances are up to the mark at every step and rigorously tested by our experts, who have decades of experience on the job.

Vacuum Cleaner 30-Point Inspection

Our 30-point system has been devised to seek out the best machines available and if one point isn’t met, it is simply below our high standards.

We take great care in making sure that all aspects of the Vacuum and Sewing machines are in excellent working order and do not have the slightest of doubts when it comes down to performance.  Our technicians have identified key elements of the appliance that need to be in tip-top condition and guarantee that each and every one of them will work on your Certified Pre-owned Vacuum and Sewing machine.

Vacuum Inspection Points

  • Major Components
    Primary Motor
    Tech Drive Motor
    Regular Maintanance
    Interior Bag
    Brush Roll
    Carbon Brush
    On the Outside
    Exterior Housing
    Exterior Bag
    Handle Spring Yoke
    Neutral Pedal
    Front Wheel Axel
    Dress Armature Commutator
    Intake System
    Mini Emtor
    Cam Bracket
    Exhaust System
    Belt Lifter Hook
    Gasket Nozzle O-Ring
    Electrical System
    Power Cord
    Power Switch
    Fan Assembly
    Shampoo Components
    Overall Performance

For our signature service, we list the following important parts that need to be in order to secure its qualification:

Sewing Machine Service 21-Point Inspection

Sewing machines are highly precise equipment. There are many gears that need to work in conjunction to move thread and needle. Modern sewing machines require computerized calibration to keep the timing and sync the components.  Our 21-point inspection make sure that the sewing machine is in like-new performance, while taking into account some key factors that will help us determine whether it could be Certified Pre-owned:

 Sewing Machine Inspection Points

  • Major Compenents
    Primary Motor
    On the Outside
    Exterior Housing
    On the Inside
    Electrical System
    Power Cord
    Power Switch
    Circuit Boards
    Overall Performance

Only the best of the lot eventually passes our stringent quality checks that are implemented at every step to ensure that you get what you’re searching for. As buying new Vacuum or Sewing Machine can prove to be an investment, our Certified Pre-owned equipment not only provide you value for money, but are also guaranteed to last for a pre-determined amount of time.

Furthermore, if after purchasing a product from us, you feel that it isn’t working up to its original capacity, then bring it down to us anytime and get it repaired.