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The latest flagship product from the production line is the Kirby Sentria home care system, which aims to impress and will give customers the best of the Kirby family by providing its incredible cleaning power and adding numerous functionality that can be applied throughout many of your home cleaning needs.

Carpet & Rug Institute Gold Seal of Approval | Kirby SentriaFilled to the brim with some state-of-the-art function, it’s no wonder that this vacuum has been lauded by the industry and the general public alike. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) added the Midas touch to its credentials and awarded the Kirby Sentria its Gold Level Seal of Approval.


Kirby Sentria Tech

Some of their most innovative features in the new Kirby Sentria include:

  • TechDrive® Assist Power
  • HEPA filtration with Powerful airflow
  • Home cleaning attachments
  • LED headlamp

At Kirby, the needs of the client and homemaker are prioritized with unmatched precision. The Kirby Sentria aims to set the benchmark in vacuum cleaners that not only revolutionizes the market but also plays a vital role in improving the vacuum cleaner experience.

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They have kept the 21st century in mind and went back to the drawing board to make a product that is easy to operate, but will still be able to aid Kirby users with all of their vacuum cleaning needs.

The Sentria is a portable device which can be used to clean those tricky spots, which other vacuum cleaners usually can never reach. Furthermore, if you want to remove dust from beddings, curtains or even draperies then all you need to do is pick up the the vacuum and clean away!

Want polishing and or buffing done without really putting in much effort? No worries use the Sentria to get a mirror-like shine without wasting much of your precious time.

Kirby Sentria Vacuum & All The Home Cleaning System Parts Most companies never match Kirby’s advancement in the vacuum cleaner field. Even if they do, their product is hardly user friendly enough to be implemented in ordinary households.

Kirby develops products with user friendliness so that users can operate without hassle and prior knowledge. Thus, several new innovations in the Kirby Sentria include:

  • The Toe Touch Control; This will provide an optimum cleaning height with out having to bend over.
  • Practicality: Convert into 12 various units which will remove the need to have multiple cleaning products.
  • Wide selection of tools and attachments will easily clean stairs, cracks, upholstery, walls, ceilings, and every floor type.
  • TechDrive® Power will provide easy pushing with no added work.
  • The LED headlamp will enlighten even the darkest areas in your rooms.

The HEPA Filtration system ensures that when you vacuum with the Kirby Sentria, all the dust particles being picked up from the floor, carpets and rugs are stored in the HEPA Bag and never re-enter the clean environment of your home ever again.

Vacuuming can require muscles of steel when you need to clean the entire house but it’s a cinch with the Sentria. Its TechDrive® feature allows users to put in minimum effort and still get quality results while not compromising on your family’s health.

Kirby Company Historical Value

Although it utilizes modern features, the history goes back to Kirby’s early days; the Sentria is the most popular product being sold by independent distributors. This vacuum is a complete care system for your home. Its various nozzles and add-ons allow it to be utilized in nearly every situation and has thus become the must-have choice for most households.

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Kirby Sentria Maintenance and Repairs at Ventura Vacuums

A host of new features have been developed specifically for the Kirby Sentria system and servicing or repairing it, if the need ever arises, can be done right it at Ventura Vacuum and Sewing Machine Repair. Ventura Vacuums are uniquely qualified to sort out all your Kirby Sentria repairs and service with ease, as we have years of hands-on experience to boot since 1986.

Kirby Sentria Motor SpecificationsDespite our considerable history, we tend to take technological advancements to heart and always try to modernize our approach in order to deal with the task at hand. Employing tried and tested methods with state-of-the-art technology; we can guarantee that if it’s a Sentria, we’ll be able to help.

More Value… Get a Certified Pre-Owned Kirby Sentria for Less

Kirby’s products are the Gold standard. And with such quality comes the cost of buying a new machine. Fortunately, for those looking to pick up a pre-owned Sentria on a bargain; Ventura Vacuum has Certified Pre-Owned vacuum cleaners that will cater to all your cleaning needs without ever causing a dent on your wallet.

We have strict criteria and a 21-point selection system to ensure quality and analyze the following points when picking up a Sentria for sale.


  • Primary motor
  • Exterior housing
  • Cord
  • Bag,
  • Intake system,
  • Overall performance
  • Drive motor
  • Exhaust system
  • Belts

So all you need to do is visit our shop and get the gold standard in vacuums, the Kirby Sentria.

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