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Kirby Vacuum Center… While we offer a plethora of services when it comes to the Vacuuming and Sewing Machine industry, but at the end of the day we are specialists in the Kirby brand and thus have genuine claim to being experts when it comes to their products.

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Our time with the cleaning giants goes back decades and we have evolved together with them, updating every stage of our process to cater to the needs of the latest technologies. Since joining our hands with in 1986, we have been able to reap great benefits and the one which stands out and helps the consumer is that our technicians are trained to repair Kirby Vacuums.

Kirby Vacuums: Experts


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Known as one of the most famous companies producing this ingenious cleaning tool, they have made a name for themselves in this cut-throat world filled with false promises. Kirby Vacuum stands out and they take great pride in producing excellent works of art, that are utilized at the some of the highest echelons of business.

In accordance with our standards and principals, we only hire Kirby experts to deal with their vacuums and are well-versed in every aspect of their job. They can easily guide you through the repairing process, as wellas helping you make the most out of your vacuum by using official supplies and spare parts.

This principle of taking on top professionals familiar with the Kirby Vacuum brand means that none of our work is outsourced to freelancers, and thus the quality that we have maintained over the years continues to live on.

Customer Testimonials:

I had an old Kirby Vacuum which was clearly past its better days. But Ventura Vacuums saved me the cost of buying a new one and it has been working perfectly since I got it repaired from them.

Shelby Gordon

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It is in our heritage to play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your machine once it has been delivered to us for repair. We not only take the utmost care of your Kirby vacuum, but ensure that once you return, it will simply be better than before.

Top of the range equipment is utilized in getting rid of all faults and problems within the Vacuums, as these are sensitive products and can often be damaged beyond repair if handled by someone one with no prior experience.

So it is highly recommended that you bring down the Kirby Vacuum to our shop, where we can take a keen inspection, rather than opting to fix it yourself, which can actually worsen things in some cases.

Kirby Vacuums: Quality

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Kirby Vacuums are the top-of-the-range and guarantee you excellent results and can last generations. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for Kirby products, as they can choose one of our certified pre-owned vacuums at a lesser cost and avail the Kirby experience, without having to premium dollars for warranted Vacuums that can make cleaning fun rather than a draining chore.

Coming in a variety of models, each one has its plus points, but they all share a common ailment, which is degradation over the course of time.

Servicing the appliance and keeping it well drilled is essential if you are to get the maximum out of your purchase, but some things must be kept for the professionals and that is where we come in.

While the continuing developments of the Vacuum industry is  a positive sign, it also creates some unwanted problems, as the devices become more and more complicated on the inside.

A maze of wires and switches will leave even the most avid user perplexed and although Kirby Vacuums are renowned for their quality, even they can fail pray to below-par performances if neglected for too long.


So in order to do justice on the quality the company provides, we have to keep up as well by maintaining industry standards and sort our problems rather than creating them.

Often customers have complaints over the service process which other shops use, but at Ventura Vacuums we have designed our procedure with you in mind, so not only is the repairing and servicing done at a very quick pace, we also make sure that once you visit us, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Our friendly staff will await your arrival in our state-of-the-art garage, where you will be given Kirby priority over other brands, as our team is well-versed in the problems that these Vacuums can face.

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Whether be it the blocking of the nozzle due to unwanted objects, or the draining power of the motor, these issues can crop at the most inconvenient of times, thus it is imperative that they are treated as soon as possible.

While maintenance at home is always a good idea, there are some things which only qualified professionals are capable of doing, so when it comes to Kirby Vacuums, all you need to do is hook up with us and you’ll get all your service and repair problems sorted without every wasting your precious time or money. Chose us for your Kirby Vacuum needs.