History of Kirby Vacuums

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Kirby vacuum is one big name in the industry.  It is the masterpiece of the infamous inventor named Jim Kirby who has existed in the year 1884 until 1971. All throughout his professional career, he had more than 200 successful patents and the most popular of these is his vacuum cleaner.

Who Is Jim Kirby?

Jim Kirby - Founder of Kirby VacuumsJim Kirby is the man behind the Kirby vacuum cleaners. He is a highly renowned inventor with more than 200 patents under his name. It was in 1906 when he produced his earliest electrical cleaning machine. It was during his high school years when he started creating his cool inventions.

He is a man who is in constant search for methods to make life a lot easier for ordinary individuals. His inventions are intended to give people more time to do the things they enjoy doing. Since, household chores such as cleaning consumes a lot of time, he began with his experiments and came up with Kirby vacuum.

The Beginnings of Kirby Vacuum

Initially, his first model of the Kirby Vacuum was designed to trap the dirt with the aid of water rather than a dirt bag which makes the whole process too cumbersome. He never stopped experimenting with his designs until he came up with a brilliant solution.

Consequently, in the year 1907, he created a vacuum model that can trap dirt and debris with a cloth bag instead of water. The bag did not only collected the dirt with much ease, it is easy to clean, empty and maintain too. Users only need to replace the bag as needed when it is already full and that’s it. As years pass by, Jim Kirby continued to enhance his initial vacuum design. The latest models boosted stronger suction capability and with more cleaning tools as well.

Kirby Vacuum Models

Kirby Vacuum Series

In the year 1925, Jim Kirby made his Vacuette Electric which has a detachable nozzle and is considered as the first upright Kirby vacuum cleaner. It was in 1970 when his business produced the classic Kirby vacuum cleaner. This has gained too much popularity and sales that the company need to double its production in order to meet the demands in the market.

In 1990, the company invested in redesigning the Kirby vacuum classic design. This has produced fresh innovations which the modern consumers really loved. One of the famous models is the Generation 3 which is very famous for it’s:

  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Power assisted engine
  • Very powerful filtration system

It can greatly aid in removing dust and dirt from the vacuum air filters. This is most helpful for users who may be suffering from asthma, hay fever and other forms of allergies. Its design is also something that anyone can be proud of as the Kirby vacuum models used computerized design technology.

Overall, the Kirby vacuum cleaners are truly the perfect example of high standards for more than 100 years. One thing is certain, Kirby vacuums are of high quality with value too match.