So you want a Sewing Machine?

Sewing Machine Kit

Probably the most standard sewing machines out there will be the greatest method to go for any beginner, so never be persuaded by a salesperson to get the fancy machine with 1,000 stitch varieties and all of the bells and whistles. While at Ventura Vacuum & Sewing, study the information on the cards and booklets which might be displayed with every single machine, and test as many because it takes to discover the one particular that’s right for you. Don’t forget, even if you happen to be not paying top-dollar for essentially the most advanced sewing machine out there, it really is nevertheless an investment; you might have to really feel comfortable with it.

Sewing Machine Repair CompleteConsider what you program to perform together with your sewing machine. Do you would like to do easy sewing and mending? Are style garments within your future? Quilting? Home Décor? Chances are a basic mechanical machine that runs straight and zig zag stitching is all you will want. You can find more complex, computerized machines out there, but these may be much more hard to deal with if you have by no means employed a machine prior to. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to usually upgrade later!

Sewing Machine Needles

Like hand sewing needles, the very best thing to accomplish is get the variety pack – actually, most packages of sewing machine needles include an assortment; two each of three diverse sizes. You are going to discover that sewing machine needles are color-coded and numbered; the fundamental rule of thumb is that the reduce the number, the smaller sized the needle. A size 10 to 12 needle covers most projects, while higher-numbered needles are better for heavier fabrics and lower-numbered needles are greatest for quite lightweight and sheer fabrics. As soon as once again, let frequent sense be your guide: look at what you are preparing to sew and pick essentially the most logical needle.


sewing machine bobbinsThe principle on the sewing machine is that two threads are involved: an upper thread and a reduced thread interlock to make an even, powerful stitch. The upper thread is fed in the spool that sits on the spindle on prime from the machine, but where does the reduced thread come from? The bobbin is like a tiny spool of thread that sits inside the sewing machine, and this really is the lower thread that completes the hyperlink. Most machines include two or three bobbins, but it is excellent to help keep extras handy; this keeps you from getting to unwind a bobbin each time you may need a new color!

Presser Foot

Your new machine will come with a fundamental presser foot, which holds the fabric down while the needle goes in and out in the fabric. Why is this crucial? It keeps the fabric being sewn stable, enabling you to maintain even and straight stitching. The normal presser foot comes with two prongs, every sitting flat on either side of the needle.

Zipper Foot

Regular Zipper Foot - sewing machineEven though you’re not putting in a zipper correct away, a zipper foot is very good to have. What tends to make it work is the fact that as an alternative to having two prongs just like the fundamental presser foot, it has only a single. This enables the needle to have extra-close towards the teeth of a zipper, however the single prong nonetheless holds the fabric firmly in location as you sew. Why is it good to have even when you are not preparing on placing within a zipper? A zipper foot can also be vital for inserting piping and cording utilized in house décor.

Small Screwdriver

A tiny, flathead screwdriver is crucial when making use of a sewing machine. It is required to loosen and tighten the screw that holds the machine needle in spot, so you cannot adjust a needle with out it. It also allows you to get towards the regions which might be suggested for oiling your machine.

Tiny Brush

A modest bristle brush is best for cleaning out your sewing machine. With use, your machine can collect dust, lint and in some cases small pieces of thread. Leaving it also lengthy can slow down and even jam the inner workings of one’s machine, so it really is critical to brush out underneath the presser foot, the bobbin area, and any other nook and cranny that attract dust. A little but firm-bristled paintbrush works just fine.


Sewing Machine Tips:

Verify out the notions department for pre-assembled upkeep kits that include the screwdriver, machine oil and brush for basic, one-stop-shopping. Simplicity Notion’s kit, pictured here, is obtainable at your neighborhood Jo-Ann retailer.

Practice Machine Sewing

As soon as you’ve got your sewing machine and accessories in hand, practice some simple seams and seam finishes to have comfortable with your machine and its capabilities. The a lot more you practice, the less difficult it will be to actually sew a garment collectively.

Practice Seam Finishes

One more issue to practice is different seam finishing techniques. Considering that most fabrics ravel, it really is crucial to finish the raw edges of your seams to help keep the final project clean and safe – how the inside looks is as essential as the outdoors! Distinct fabrics take various seam finishes, so practice them all.


So you want a Sewing Machine?