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As the #1 store in Ventura, Ventura Vacuum and Sewing Machine Repair has been ever present in the county since 1986.

We are the premier destination for everything related to Vacuums and Sewing machines.

Vacuum Cleaner Service & Parts

Vacuums specifically can be tricky to maintain and repair, as they often get ruptured from the inside by foreign objects that get sucked up accidentally. Going to a regular shop can often take up a lot of your precious time and mostly, the appliance is never back to its original self after being serviced. However, we can guarantee you that it will be in not only are in working order, but you are bound to notice a significant difference in the performance, which will be enhanced by our superior maintenance team.

Sewing Machine Service & Parts

From our humble beginnings, we have gone on to cement our place as one of the finest in the trade by utilizing our experience to great effect, so that you don’t have worry about a thing. Our specialty is taking care of all your vacuum and sewing machine needs. As a regular part of the household, these appliances are one of the most commonly used and end up busted much quicker than others.

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Kirby Co Vacuums

This is something which only comes with years of experience in this field and we have garnered such a reputation that when it comes to Kirby Vacuums, we are the only name that comes to mind to service and repair. Obviously, the Kirby Company is a major force in the vacuum market and by far is the top choice for vacuums in both the residential and commercial industries. And our experts for their products, speaks volumes about our abilities and the talents of our technical team. While the firm continues to churn out some new product ranges, they are very reliable with the best performance and come with a one year warranty. But when they do malfunction, not everyone can resolve the problem as swiftly and professionally as we do. This is mostly down to our highly skilled team, who utilize their years of know-how to get your Vacuum up and running in no time. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay sky high rates for this quality work, as your satisfaction is eventually our ultimate priority. Our clients are ravenous with our deliverables and we believe that whatever your problem is, if it’s related to Vacuum Repair, Sewing Machine Repair, Kirby Vacuums,Vacuum Service, Sewing Machine Service, or any general vacuum or sewing machine, we are the people that can solve it, without any hassle, without any delays or long-lines. Be sure to check out the latest & most advanced Kirby SentriaVacuum, Kirby Vacuum’s flagship product with the Gold Level Seal from the Carpet & Rug Institute! So visit our store in Ventura County today and get your Vacuum and Sewing Machines sorted!