If you are looking for Oxnard Lamp Repair either in Oxnard, Ventura, or the surrounding areas in California, contact Ventura Vacuum and Sewing for the most reliable, efficient, and trustworthy repair of your lamps. Since 1986, our shop has been the #1 vacuum and sewing repair shop, and you know you can trust us to get your lamp repairs done with the utmost skill, greatest care, and the friendliest staff. We provide lamp repair to retail, residential, and commercial clients.

Oxnard Lamp Repair Service

Sometimes when a lamp goes out and you try replacing the light bulb, it still does not work afterward. Even though lamps do not have very many moving parts, there are a variety of problems that can happen to a lamp that will cause it to not work. Some of them are fairly easy to diagnose and fix, requiring a minimum of time, parts, and cost. Whether your lamp is fairly new or an antique, avoid having to go out and buy a replacement by having it repaired or refurbished. We also offer installing and mounting shade repair, and conversion services for lamps and lighting. Come by our Oxnard lamp repair store to get a free estimate.

Oxnard Lamp Repair

Timely Oxnard Lamp Repairs

You can bring your lamp into our Ventura shop for repair if it is convenient for you, or we offer free local pickup and delivery if you are within a certain area. Just call our shop for details on our pickup and delivery services for Oxnard lamp repair. We will do our best to get your lamp fixed quickly so that you are not spending any more time in the dark!

Professional Oxnard Lamp Repair

Once we have your lamp in our repair shop on the premises, our experts will check your lamp for problems such as non-working switches, broken cords, faulty wiring, or socket problems. If your lamp is an antique and needs to be re-fitted or restored to working order, our professional technicians will take the greatest amount of care to ensure the quality of our services.

Oxnard lamp repair Tiffany floor lamp

Once we determine what the problem is and if any parts need to be ordered, our friendly customer service agents will contact you with a price quote for the repairs as necessary. As soon as your lamp is in top working order, we will contact you to arrange for a delivery or for you to be able to pick it up. You’ll find it in the best working order and we will stand behind the work that we do.

If you have a lamp that has stopped working recently, or if you have one which has been sitting around for a while in a closet or basement, get it fixed now. Oxnard lamp repair is easy and affordable when you work with the professionals at Ventura Vacuum and Sewing. As the top vacuum and sewing machine repair store in the Ventura area, we are the go-to place for professional lamp repair services. Conveniently located, Oxnard lamp repair offers a trustworthy reputation and is completed in a timely manner. Click here to read more about Panasonic Vacuum Service and Repair.