At Ventura Vacuum & Sewing Machine Repair, we believe that if treated properly a Vacuum can have a long-lasting life that may be of extensive benefit. The same can be said for Sewing Machines, and the most important part is that both appliances need to be properly maintained if they are to be utilized to their maximum.

We are one of the best destinations in the county if not the country, where you can be buying Certified Pre-owned Vacuums and Sewing Machines.

Through our rigorous selection program, we pick the best of the lot from the pile and compare it against a pre-determined point system to evaluate its condition. For Vacuums, it’s a 31-point list, while Sewing Machines have only 21. But on neither of these do we compromise and if one point is missing, that appliance simply just doesn’t cut it.

Furthermore, our experienced experts carry out in-depth analysis on the products themselves to determine whether they can function at a superior performance and after passing through those tests, only then can they be labeled as Certified Pre-owned.

Vacuum and Sewing Machines

These also come with a guarantee and can be brought back by a warranty claim on all parts of the Vacuum or Sewing Machine. You can choose to avail this sensational offer by payment or you can choose to trade it with one of your old appliances. Click here to read more about Why Buy a Certified, Pre-owned Kirby Sentria.

Non-Working Vacuum or Sewing Machines

If your tradable device is not in working order and instead of wasting your time, we can immediately hit you up with a potential trade-In deal. Often home appliances aren’t able to perform to the best of their abilities, as they are not properly maintained, however you can choose to leave that with us and take home a Certified Pre-owned Vacuum or Sewing Machine.

Get a new machine and save money through the credit crunch, all of which are backed by the guarantee that if something goes wrong with them, then we will fix it for free.

Ventura Vacuum and Sewing Machine believes in giving personal service to the clients, who are the ultimate prize for any firm like ours given that we have a 20+ year legacy of fixing all brands. We are a firm choice for many people, who refuse to take risks elsewhere.

Our trade-in offer is valid and does not have any ending date, meaning that you can take advantage of it by walking into our shop right now!